Essays coming soon

There are four aspects of SF I’d like to focus on in a series of upcoming essays, concerning the genre’s relationship with:

1. Animals (May’s Lion, Black Charlie, The Ballad of Lost C’mell, Author of Acacia Seeds, The Grinnell Method, Bears Discover Fire)

2. Feminist Posthumanism (Winter Market, Grinnell Method, No Woman Born, The Rose)

3. Theology (The Book of Strange New Things, The Sparrow, Case of Conscience, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch)

4. First Contact in the Third World (Recording Angel, District 9, Lagoon)

5. Semiotics (Useful Phrases. Embassytown, Babel-17, The Embedding)

6. Time (Voices of Time, Chronopolis, The Great Work of Time, Time Machine)

7. Naturalized SF (Angouleme, The Asian Shore, Problems of Creativeness)


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